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What to look for in Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding day is a momentous day in your life, it is set to change the course of your life in the years to come. Keeping fond memories of this enormously important day is every person’s dream. There is no better person, to preserve your lasting memories, than your wedding photographer. Gone are the days when you had to satisfy yourself with the ordinary snapshot images of your wedding from the local photo studio. Today, it is a common phenomenon to plan for a candid, fine art or a contemporary wedding photography that suits your taste (and budget), well in advance. So how would you tell if the images...

Quality Wedding Photography… now made affordable

Often I wondered... why should memories of a wedding be so expensive that it is out of bounds for many. Creative candid or fine art or contemporary wedding photography has become restricted to only a few wealthy. NO MORE... We reach out to people who has the taste for quality images, an eye to differentiate the good few from the many averages and the desire to have one of the finest photography experience. What if they don't have a thick wallet!!! With the Indian rupee on a free fall, it is music to the ears for the overseas clients. The rising US$ means we can provide the same service at a lower...

Wedding | Sue & Tanmoy

A humble Bengali Indian Wedding of a UK based couple On behalf of Wedding Photosutra I wish the newly wed couple a happy married life.

Wedding | Mahzabin & Nazim

A Muslim Wedding in Kolkata in its usual Islamic Grandeur I was witness to a fabulous extravaganza at the wedding of Nazim and Mahzabin at Kolkata, India. Nazim, a soft spoken person with a pleasant personality, wished his wedding images be one of the best contemporary candid photography possible in Kolkata. Mahzabin, like Nazim, was shy with an exceedingly charming face and a divine look. Nazim was a resident of Canada and understandably had a lot of expectations from me. Muslim Weddings are generally a show of colours… bright and vibrant. With the right light and the colourful ambiance, there...

Wedding | Priyanka & Sushobhon

On behalf of Wedding Photosutra I wish the newly wed couple a happy married life.

How to choose a Wedding Photographer

When planning for a wedding, the importance of preserving the precious moments can never be under stated, be it the smiles and joyful expressions on everyone’s faces or the sadness and tears dropping off the bride’s eyes during the last few steps she takes out from her parent’s house. If you're a type who values photography, the task of picking a wedding photographer can become daunting…. after all, there are no re-takes. Your wedding is a once in a life time event, and you have only one try when picking a photographer. More than the money you spend, you are betting all odds on the photographer...

Wedding | Nidhi & Ankit

Candid Wedding Photography of a Bihari Wedding in Kolkata The wedding of Nidhi, solemnised at the Lake Land Country Club on the outskirts of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, was one of my early wedding assignments. There was a specific request for only creative candid photography from Nidhi and it was real fun framing images in the picturesque ambiance of the extravaganza. The sangeet, haldi ceremony and other associated functions were covered by other photographers and I had the liberty to let loose my full frame camera to capture the candid moments of the colourful wedding ceremony. Nidhi,...

Engagement | Abhishek & Anshu

Wedding | Kinkini & Aniruddho

Candid Wedding Photography of a Bengali Wedding in Kolkata Kinkini, by her looks, was a next door Bengali girl. The candid wedding photography of her big day was a challenging one for me as well. She had done some research and possessed a fair bit of understanding of the kind of photography that was doing the rounds in Kolkata (Calcutta). She was clear in her mind that she needed something different, that was not on offer from many so called candid wedding photographers... and then there was me who could offer just what she wanted. The shoot started in the early morning with a small portrait...

Wedding | Mouli & Angshuk

On behalf of Wedding Photosutra I wish the newly wed couple a happy married life.