How important is the Camera Gear of your Candid Wedding Photographer

We often hear that a machine is as good as the man behind it. Not quite so… when it comes to contemporary candid or fine art wedding photography. The camera body, the lenses and the lighting equipment, all play a very important role in getting the most from your wedding photographer… shooting candid or fine art or contemporary wedding photography.

Most of us would know that the camera body and the lens are two of the most important constituents of any photographic equipment. Other accessories like the lighting accessories are a close second though. The best camera body in the market may not ensure that your photographer will deliver you top of the line images of your event… but a bad one can certainly do the reverse. An entry level camera body and cheap lenses has the potential to spoil images which otherwise would have been good enough for your drawing room wall.

Camera Body – A full frame camera body is a must for you to expect an image that can be printed on a five feet canvas. Even if the images are not going be printed on a canvas, the quality of image from a full frame camera body will go a long way in getting a clearer print on your album after a 10% to 20% crop that normally any photographer would do to correct the framing originally done demanding situations. In challenging lighting conditions at the wedding venue, even the greatest photographers would struggle to pull up an acceptably clear & noise-free image with an entry level camera body or sometimes even with a mid range camera body.

Lenses – Top of the line lenses are no less important. An entry level lens may cost one tenth of that of the best one the company manufactures, but the quality of images with these lenses would suffer exponentially. Few issues attached with poor quality of lenses are image distortion, colour fringing, poor & delayed focusing and poor quality of Bokeh (background blur) or no Bokeh at all.

Lighting equipment – Most photographers with a cheap setup would bring along a camera mounted flash to combat the demanding lighting conditions of the wedding venue. This may illuminate the subject, but the harsh shadow that comes along would completely destroy the image itself. A camera mounted flash also restricts the photographer’s ability to creatively modulate the light and the result is a snapshot quality of image.

There are various off-camera lighting equipment available in the market today. Strobes with soft-boxes are a popular choice. There are cheaper options available in flash lights with light modifiers like white or silver umbrella, reflectors et al. Any of these light modifiers has the capability to render a better quality of illumination on the subject and often the result is…. great images.


So… to conclude… to save the disappointments later, do give a thought to the equipments used by your wedding photographer before you make up your mind to hire his services on your big day.