What to look for in Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding day is a momentous day in your life, it is set to change the course of your life in the years to come. Keeping fond memories of this enormously important day is every person’s dream. There is no better person, to preserve your lasting memories, than your wedding photographer. Gone are the days when you had to satisfy yourself with the ordinary snapshot images of your wedding from the local photo studio. Today, it is a common phenomenon to plan for a candid, fine art or a contemporary wedding photography that suits your taste (and budget), well in advance.

So how would you tell if the images are good enough (qualitatively speaking) to last you a lifetime?… and here is the reason for the need to hire a professional candid photographer who can do this for you. But what should you look for in the portfolio of your wedding photographer to judge how effective he will be to deliver the goods? Even if you are not planning for a top end wedding photographer, spending a little time in going through the gallery pictures will give you a fair idea about the worth of the photographer.

Here are few basic tips that will help you judge the gallery images.

Composition: Composition is and has always been one of the key factors of any visual art form… photography, painting cinematography et al. It is this that renders a visual appeal to any image. Needless to say that an elementary understanding of composition is required to qualitatively assess an image.

Rule of third is the most basic compositional tool. Geometry, curves and leading lines are often used by good photographers to direct the viewer to the point of interest in their images. There are other advanced tools like use of negative space, line of vision, complimenting background etc. that can also be used to enhance composition.

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Emotions: Emotions displayed in an image puts life in the image. Joy, sorrow, anger, anguish or anxiety, images with emotions often would tell a lot about what’s happening at the scene.

Capturing emotions in candid moments is not easy and comes with years of practice.

Expressive Images: Does the images tell you something about the event? Do the images tell you something about how the things unfolded or the mood at that time? Ask yourself these questions before you think of hiring the photographer.

Use of light: A good understanding of light and exposure is a must for any photographer worth the name. Proper use of light and shadow can tremendously enhance the visual appeal of an image.

Image Clarity: Visual Clarity of key elements in an image has always been viewed very important for a good image. Though motion blur at times are intentional, over use of these may make the image look ordinary. Similarly a lack of focus (bad focusing) on the subject almost always results in a bad image. This should not, however, be confused with Bokeh (background blur) that is used as an effective compositional tool to segregate the foreground from the background.

Coverage of the event: Last but not the least; you should satisfy yourself that the photographer you intend to hire will not miss any of the key events in your wedding. Scroll through his portfolio, talk to him and apprise him what you consider important and that you don’t want him to give these events a miss.

As a client, it will be in your interest to effectively judge the images from any prospective photographer you may like to hire. This will save you a lot of heart burning later on. Read through my Blog on “How to choose a Wedding Photographer” for a head start on choosing your candid wedding photographer.