Know your Wedding Photographer

Driven by his unbounded love for nature, having acquired a degree in mechanical engineering, Ujjal is a photographer first. His intense desire for travelling and documenting whatever comes his way, has put him on the course of this fascinating world of photography. Currently based at Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), he is mostly found moving within the country and outside. Though his association with the camera dates back in the 90s, his foray into the field of candid, fine art or contemporary wedding photography, is relatively new.

Photography touched him at a tender age of 13 (13 is not always unlucky) when he first laid his hands on an aim and shoot camera presented to him on his birthday. He continued shooting on the streets and anything that came his way for the next four years, when he had to bid goodbye to his first love for academic reasons. The long hiatus, however, could not last long enough and his romance with the camera started again and photography has been a part of his life since, well almost. It’s been a remarkable journey so far.

Like many acclaimed photographers, photography to Ujjal came through practice and experience, bringing in a definite style to his craft. Yet, as he says “I am now learning to see”, he is learning and upgrading himself each day. His work portrays a subtle appreciation of light and shadow, interaction between the animate and the inanimate and a conspicuous serenity within maddening crowd. Deservedly, his work has received national and international acclaim.

Ujjal having honed his photographic skills on the streets for over a decade, his ability for searching stories from mundane and inconspicuous occurrences has only become stronger each day. Equipped with a top of the line camera gear, lenses and lighting equipments, Ujjal is uncompromising while pursuing his passion. Ujjal strives to make images of the candid moments, unfolding in wedding events of many, in an unobtrusive manner and storytelling remains the core mantra of his photographic style.

With years of experience in the field of photography, Ujjal Halder is now a name to reckon with, be it creative candid, fine art or contemporary wedding photography. Wedding Photosutra is his window in his pursuit of his love for this art form.